Saturday March 23, 2019

Gas rc trainer airplanes ('trainers') are designed to make learning to fly as easy as possible, and all trainers - regardless of power type - have the same basic characteristics. The most obvious of these are the high wing design and noticeable dihedral, which is the term that refers to the upward 'V' angle of the wings when viewed from the front.

This high wing / high dihedral set-up gives a trainer a lot of natural stability in the air, which results in a very stable and forgiving flight characteristic - exactly what you need when learning to fly radio control airplanes!

This pre asembled package includes a complete ready to fly combo with 4ch quatro fm radio system,rechargeble glow stick starter and a hand held feul pump.

Wing Span:1550mm/61in?


Wing Area:42.8dm2/663.4in2?


Engine:2c 40-46 class?