Thursday April 22, 2021

walkera 4# remote control helicopter

Walkera 4#3B is a well known helicopter. Walkera 4# is the big brother of 4#3B, it is easy to control, easy to repair and fun to fly. The development of the 4# has one reason
"To make a durable Helicopter for the?first time flyer and lead them to enjoy this hobby", and it really is.

The rotor head is equipped with full metal upgrades?makes it very tough, the frame structure is so simple that it almost doesn't break at all. For those first time flyers, just get many extra blades and extra flybars and you're ready to start this hobby! The Walkera 4# does not break easily, if you have experience in controlling co-axial helicopter, this helicopter will be your best choice.

  • Compact 90oswashplate structure is adopted and easy-to-be-mounted parts like servo are used.
  • New 2.4G technology, with the functions of identification and precise code pairing, can allow above 20 aircrafts to fly in the same field and same time.
  • High performance 370SH motor powered by 7.4V 800mAh Lipo offers 10- to 12-minute flight time, depending on your flight mode.
  • All-up Weight: 267g (Battery included)
  • Servo: weight 9.1g / speed 0.12sec/60o(4.8V)/ torque / dimension 22.5*11.8*27mm Receiver: RX-2421
  • Gyro: Built-in
  • Battery: 7.4V 800mAh Li-Po
  • Transmitter: WK-2401
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 146 mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 485 mm
  • Overall Length: 480 mm
  • Tail Motor: 1220FE33Drive Motor: 370SH?
Suitable for :
Walkera 4# helicopter is?the best value for money. It is very high in performance. The high speed main rotor increases the stability of the helicopter. It is good for both beginners and exprts. If you have experience in controlling a 4 channels helicopter with tail rotor, you will enjoy this amazing helicopter

  • Model: 4#