Thursday April 22, 2021

Bushnell Backtrack Personal Locator

Bushnell Backtrack Personal Locator? GPS Product Info

With the Bushnell GPS Backtrack Personal Locator one may store up to three locations utilizing the latest digital technology. No longer having to worry about accuracy or durability, the Bushnell BackTrack is weather resistant and compact enough to store easily in your shirt pocket or purse. The bushnell Backtrack also comes in three different colors, to match your attire.Never Get Lost Again. With the easiest to use Personal Digital Navigation. Just mark the location and Bushnell Back Track will help you get back. Use it at the mall and stadium parking lots, at the festival, the park, for travel or you next outdoor adventure. Also please note that the Bushnell Back track is available in two different versions: US version and international version. The United States version comes in a clam shell packaging and supports english only while the International Version comes in window box with hand tag and supports 6 languages. The bushnell backtrack has the ability to store up to three locations. This backtrack also utilizes the latest digital technology to bring you the most accurate information. This compact bushnell back-track is ideal for any traveler or even to simply have in your car emergency kit.

We have all been in a situation where we have parked our car in a huge lot and used certain landmarks to find the car again, only to draw a blank on which number or landmark you parked you car near. You no longer have to put up with this and the Bushnell Backtrack is your solution. This gps unit combines a digital compass with a digital gps receiver. The Backtrack will guide you back to your car with not only directions but time estimates based on your speed. The Bushnell Backtrac was primarily marketed towards campers and hikers, yet it's not as simple as you may think. There may not be a turn by turn directions or some fancy map or even the strange mechanical voices, just simple directions. Imagine, no matter where you are in the world, you will never be lost. No longer do you have stay on the path with all the tourists. You can now venture all over the world. Be your own guide and discover the world on your own with the Bushnell Backtrack. This simple Bushnell gps unit insures that even in the dark, you are not left out of touch with reality, by providing a Backlight feature. The fact that it is so compact, weather resistant, and worked all over the world, makes this one of the most usefully devices you can have

  • Model: 36-0050