Thursday April 22, 2021

Phoenix 4ch Glider 2000

This great RC aircraft comes with absolutely everything you need to fly - a total complete package that includes?

a 2.4G radio which means the range is longer and more stable plus you do not have to worry about interference from other fliers.

The glider is designed to achieve perfect balance. You'll have complete control over every twist and turns - absolutely full aerial maneuverability. Let your imagination soar in the sky! You can launch this plane almost anywhere you want.

The Phoenix has a minimal number of parts - unlike many other planes' designs. This means when you crash, everyone does, there are fewer parts to break. The body is very durable and almost indestructible. The rotors are efficient, safe, and are inexpensive to replace.

The Phoenix glider is a gracefully designed plane with the advantage of it having a motor which can be used to get it into the air, before turning it off to enjoy silent, powerless flight. The Phoenix is suitable for all, beginners and experts will find it both entertaining and interesting to fly.

1) Phoenix2000 is a glider which has a blow plastic fuselage and EPO wing, so it will be more shock-resistant not easy to be broken.??
2) As it has a 2m wingspan, the wing area is big, so it is good at gliding.??????????????????????????????????????????????????
3) It has two long aileron and 2 long flaps so it has a high performance for making many kinds of actions.?????????????????????????????????
4) The whole plane is assembled by screw, the best way to assemble for beginners.???????????????????????????????????????????????????
5) It is high completeness and it is very easy for beginners to assemble.

Brushless RTF version includes:???????
Also includes Transmitter and Receiver??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Battery: 11.1V 1500mAh 20C Li-Po?

Brushless ARF version includes:???????
Motor: 2815/1050KV out runner brushless motor(max thrust: 1000g)?????????????????????????????????????
ESC: 30A brushless ESC?????????????????????????????????????
Servo: 9g servo*4pcs?

  • Model: LS742-3 Phoenix2000