Thursday April 22, 2021

Walkera cb100 4ch remote contro helicopter double brushless

? ?After 4#3B, what's next? Presentating the CB100 Fixed Pitch Micro Helicopter, for beginners!
Last year, Walkera brought a revolution in palm size helicopter, they developed the 4#3B, it was a very small 4 channel fixed pitch helicopter with specifications that only showed up in big helicopters before. The 4#3B got great success with the unique flying experience and good handling. This year, Walkera gives you a new version of the 4#3B - presenting the Walkera CB100.
What's new about the Walkera CB100?
The greatest feature on the CB100 is the Hiller Stabilizer Bar, it gives the CB100 totally new flying experience. Factory used weight blocks instead of paddles at the end of the stabilizer bar, this makes the CB100 fly "Much More" stable than the old 4#3B, as a trade off, it flies slower, but more stable. We tested the CB100 and we found that this new design makes the helicopter as stable as a Co-Axial model, we think Walkera have done it in developing a Single Rotor helicopter for beginners!
???????? Aluminum Rotor Head and Swashplate Design
Aluminum CNC parts gives you more precise movements and more durability, makes the CB100 survive more crashes, perfect for beginners. The new Hiller Stabilizer Bar gives you a "Co-Axial" like handling, and Dual Brushless Motors gives you the power when you need it and less energy consumption while doing so. Basically, combining all these, making the CB100 the best 4 Channel Micro Helicopter ever!
???? Walkera CB100 is?truely a beginner friendly helicopter that has enough zap to satisfied even veteran pilots.
???? Made to last,?both CB100 motors are also brushless with corresponding ESC
1). Tail Brushless Speed controller : WK-WST-10A-LT
2). Main Brushless Speed controller : WK-WST-10A-L2
3). All-up Weight: 66g (Battery included)
4). Tail Rotor Diameter: 48 mm
5). Main Rotor Diameter: 202 mm
6). Overall Length: 216 mm
7). Tail Motor : WK-WS-10-002
8). Main Motor : WK-WS-12-003
9). Receiver: RX-2406C
10).Gyro: Built-in
11.)Battery: 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po
12).Transmitter: WK-2402
13).Servo: WK-03- 2 weight 3.18g ; speed 0.12sec/60o(3.0~4.5V);torque ; dimension 19.2*8.3*19.7mm


1). Mini size and Fine appearance, striking personality.
2). CNC-cut rotor head features durability and stability.
3). New 2.4G technology with the functions of automatic identification, precise code pairing and strong anti-jamming.
4). The drive offered by twin brushless motors is smooth and powerful, the flight time will be up to 9 to 10 minutes at 3.7V 500mAh LiPo battery pack, depending on your flight mode.
Suitable for :
Walkera CB 100 helicopter is?the best value for money. It is very high in performance. The high speed main rotor increases the stability of the helicopter. It is good for both beginners and exprts. If you have experience in controlling a 4 channels helicopter with tail rotor, you will enjoy this amazing helicopter

  • Model: cb100

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