Thursday April 22, 2021

Walkera hm83# remote control nitro gas helicopter


The smallest Nitro Helicopter - the Walkera 83# Nitro Helicopeter
The Walkera 83# is a very speical Nitro Helicopter, it?comes equiped with?a 15 class nitro engine, which is a relatively small (but very powerful), and the total length is a bit longer than a 450 class Electric Heli, but smaller than a 500 class Electric Heli, which makes it the smallest size in Nitro Helis. Walkera Factory did a really good job on developing this 83# Nitro Helicopter, they wanted to make it a Ready To Fly package so they put everything useful on the helicopter, such as a battery indicator, a good quality Gyro + Rudder Servo, 3 X High Speed Metal Gear cylic servos, External Ignition Coil for easy access, Engine Fan, 4.8V Ni-MH Battery Pack and Charger..... etc, bascially you just need to buy your own Starter and fuel up the tank, and you're ready to fly this Walkera 83# Nitro Helicopter.All and all a great package!!


-CCPM mixing control system and collective pitch structure make perfect 3D aerobatics like rolls, swoop, and inverted flights.
-Metal rotor head, metal swashplate and metal tail fiber frame structure, built with legerity and novelty. The autorotation landing system, made of high quality one-way bearing, minimizes damage to your helicopter during unplanned landing.
-Tail blades driven by belt provide easy adjustment, stable flight, and low noise.
-15A fuel engine of high performance is powerful.
-WK-0703 LCD transmitter with adjustable pitch (PIT) parameter, rudder mixing, throttle curve & servo exponential make flight more stably and precisely.

Product Details

- Main Rotor Diameter: 900 mm
-Tail Rotor Diameter: 175 mm
- Overall Length: 820 mm
-Engine Model: 15A
- Battery: 4.8V 650mAh Ni -MH
- All-up Weight: 1100g (Without fuel)
- Receiver: RX-2801
-Transmitter: WK-2801
-Gyro: WK-G007
-Rudder: weight 9.1g ; speed 0.12sec/60?(4.8V) ;torque 1.1kg/cm (4.8V) ; dimension 22.5X11.8X27mm
-20g Servo: weight 22.6g ; speed 0.18sec/60?(4.8V) ; torque 2.0kg/cm (4.8V) ; dimension 28.5X13.5X29.6mm

  • Model: hm83#